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I was born in 1979.

I remember how I always drew things, no matter where I was… My family never had a lot of money, and many times, when I saw something, that I liked, a toy, an animal, a place to be … I drew it. Drawing and painting was the best way to transfer myself to far away places … I painted softiest teddybears , naughty elfs, smart cats, best clothes for my imaginary dolls, bees with the largest antenas and silver helmets, … Everything was possible, if I only had a paper and a pencil.

I still envy my kids when they carelessly play with playdough … clay was the reason why I attended Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana. During that time I became overwhelmed by the power of color – in all it’s forms – and the only possible and logical decision to contiunue my schooling was – painting.

In 2003 I gratuated at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and 3 years later had my MFA at the same institution.

Since 2001 I had several solo and group shows in Slovenia, attended painting events home and abroad.

I started teaching art quite early in my years at the Academy. Later, in 2008, I opened my own Art school, called Odpikedoslike/«From-dot-to-painting« and I teach here ever since.

I’m married with a dearest man on a planet and we have two small kids. So far – no pet in the house.  Except perhaps a spider or two.

Now, when my smallest girl is older, I can again take longer periods of time in my studio. The works that I represent on my page, are the result of my comeback to my old and everlasting love – Painting.

On my blog you’ll find my diary about the work in my studio … my thoughts, ideas, problems, … How my painting evolves, what is now different then it was five or ten years ago…

You’re welcome to join me on my path to explore. My favourite saying is: Where there’s will, there’s a way.